B/S-brace Ingrown toenails.

Millions of people tend to get ingrown toenails. Their degree of pain is high and their history of suffering often lasts many years, if not decades – always accompanied by enduring strong pains.

The knowledge of these problems and the realization that classic chiropody treatment could not offer the answer gave Bernd Stolz the idea of looking for an alternative, highly effective solution.

Nowadays ingrown toenails are no longer as frightening. Why? Because ití»s only rarely that radical treatment involving removal of the nail is necessary. Instead, even very extreme problems can be solved in a gentle way – thanks to B/S-brace technology.


The B/S-brace is an original, with all its basic as well as specific strong points. So ití»s great that you are interested in just this!

Surf through our pages. Discover lots of facts about what makes the B/S-braceso unique. For example, how easy it is to use, how it can be applied in just seconds and how well and comfortably it fits.


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