How the B/S-brace works                                                                      



The magnetic applicator – one principle and many advantages. It's in the nature of things: an improvement of a tried-and-tested technique brings with it a change of working method. These instructions are intended to give the user a pictorial demonstration of the optimized sequence of application for this new design of B/S-brace Classic with magnetic point and the innovative magnetic applicator. Most importantly, the application sequence of the B/S-brace with these new technical qualities is even easier, even quicker, even safer and even more perfect. To put it plainly: from now on everything is simply effortless! The reasons for this are not only the technical changes to the B/S-brace Classic itself but also to the multi-applicator. Specifically: from now on the B/S-brace Classic has a magnetic point at the centre of the brace. At the same time, each applicator is equipped with a magnet. This makes it even easier and less complicated to use - from now on the B/S-brace can be picked up with  the magnetic applicator and fixed in place with it; there is no need to hold the brace any other way. This makes it possible to place the B/S-brace on the nail starting from the centre of the nail - as with the previous applicator made of steel - or, as with the previous multi-applicator, to work from one edge of the nail to the other. This can be done in one movement, without turning the applicator around.

1. Preparation of the nail

2. Degreasing the nail

3. Measuring from the side of the nail

4.Grinding the ends of the brace

5. Applying the B/S-activator

. Applying the B/S Basic adhesive

7. Application of the B/S-brace on the left edge of the nail, press in place for about ten seconds

8. To the opposite side of the nail, on the right, and press in place for another ten seconds

9. Levelling out the joins

Careful preparation of the nail which is to be treated
Expert nail care is the basis for achieving the best result, so nails which are exceptionally thick should be ground thinner. Further, foot baths as well as use of disinfectant just before application of the brace should be avoided. The first step is to de-grease the nail with B/S cleaner (pic.2). Choosing the right size of B/S-brace Classic and sticking it across the whole nail 1 -2 mm behind the part which is causing pain is the best way to achieve the best effect. The brace should not come into contact with the skin. In order to do this properly, place one tip of the magnetic applicator at the exact edge of the nail where the B/S-brace is to be fixed. Without slipping, roll the magnetic applicator across the width of the nail to the opposite nail bed. The width of the nail indicates the correct size of brace (pics.3).
Preparation of the B/S-brace
The correct size of B/S-brace should be ground thinner at the ends, on the side of the brace without the magnetic point. This can be done with the brace placed on one finger or on the magnetic applicator. Then place the B/S-brace on the magnetic applicator so that the magnetic point faces the applicator.
With the B/S-brace bonded this way to the magnetic applicator,(pics.6 ) and applying activator (pics.5). Meaning: B/S-Basic adhesive can be applied to the whole of the B/S-brace and then of course the activator is applied to the nail. Or, the opposite way round, activator is applied to the B/S-brace and B/S-Basic adhesive to the nail. Whichever way is chosen, activator should always be applied before the adhesive. Be sure to apply a thick layer of adhesive. After this (and, take a little break; the B/S-Basic adhesive cure time is two minutes) the B/S-brace which is adhered to the magnetic applicator must be applied to the nail immediately as usual. This means - from one side edge of the nail to the other( pics.7 - 8) or, as an alternative, from the centre of the nail to the right edge and then to the left one . As can be seen in the pictures, no complicated intervention with the fingers is necessary either. If the version is chosen where activator is applied to the nail then the whole nail, including the B/S-brace, must be cleaned, using a swab moistened with B/S cleaner. Wipe this across the nail - this removes the magnetic point from the brace as well as the activator from the nail plate. Then level off the joins between the B/S-brace and the nail; when grinding a B/S-brace use only a diamond or corundum grinder. Altogether, these amount to important steps toward more simple and safe application.
Individual correction of the tension
As long as the patient does not feel any pulling pain then the tension is perfect. Ask the patient specifically about this as it is easy to regulate. If the patient feels an uncomfortable pulling pain or if the natural reset forces of the B/S-brace are too strong, grind the brace thinner at the ends (pic.9).Alternatively, the whole of the B/S-brace can be ground thinner. Finally, with this method of application is it necessary to seal the whole of the nail and the B/S-brace with B/S-Basic adhesive.
Final sealant for a perfect finish
Seal the whole of the brace and the nail with B/S-Basic adhesive to make it secure and water resistant. This is similar to applying nail polish. Clean the nail as well as the applied B/S brace beforehand, using B/S cleaner. However, should B/S-Basic adhesive be applied to the nail instead of activator then it is no longer necessary to apply a final sealant. In this case, however, before leveling out the joins of the brace edges or making any necessary corrections to the tension, it is essential to wait for the B/S-Basic adhesive to dry. This takes about four minutes. Once the B/S-Basic adhesive is dry wipe off the magnetic point using a swab moistened with B/S cleaner. It is still possible to apply a final sealant if desired.
The perfect finish is much easier
The usual nail care using a plug, disinfectant or salve dressing is quite possible. The nail can also be lacquered.
Strong material and a logical operating principle
The B/S-brace Classic is made of special synthetic glass fibre and is ground exactly with an accuracy of 2/1000 mm. This material complies with the high, specifically defined criteria for firmness and elasticity as well as for individual fitting by the user. Computerized testing of the bending strength as well as the adhesive power is therefore standard. The brace, which is made in six sizes, works the same way as a leaf spring. This means that by applying the flat brace to the curved ingrown toenail, the brace's own resetting forces are transferred to the nail. The logical result: the nail is gently but carefully lifted out of the nail fold. The physical laws of pressure and counter pressure automatically work correctly, especially as the traction of the brace can be reduced slightly as needed. This is done by grinding the brace thinner according to the principle: the smaller the material thickness. the lower the traction!

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