B/S-brace Frequently asked questions

How long does the adhesive keep?
The adhesive keeps for at least nine months.
Store it in the fridge.
Use at room temperature.
Shake before use!

How can I tell the shelf life of the adhesive?
A four-digit batch number is printed on the bottle label. 
e.g. 0413 means that the adhesive can be used until April 2013.

What do I have to look out for when using the adhesive?
The B/S Basic adhesive brush must not come into contact with B/S activator (quick-dry). If this happens, then:
- The shelf life of the adhesive is shortened
- The adhesive gets stringy
- The contents of the bottle dry up

What do I have to look out for before applying the B/S-brace?
Before the brace is applied no foot baths should be taken and no disinfectant should be used. Switch off any grinding instruments which use water!

What can be done after the brace is applied?
– Foot baths
– Salve dressings
– Plugging
– Disinfecting
– Lacquering the nail

How long does the tension of the B/S brace work?
The correcting forces work for about four weeks. After this time either the B/S-brace can be removed from the nail and a new one fixed or a second B/S-brace can be applied behind the first one.

How do I remove the B/S-brace?
Removing it is very easy.
Using pointed nail clippers make a cut between the end of the B/S-brace and the nail and gently pull the brace off the nail.

How much are the postage fees?
Fixed rate for postage is 5.50 Άζ.
Free postage within Germany for orders above 100 Άζ net 
We do not send parcels abroad.


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