B/S-brace The original.

It¡¯s in the nature of things: when a project or service is really good then people try to copy it as exactly as possible. However, without the fundamental knowledge or enormous experience on which the original development is based the same quality cannot be achieved.


B/S-brace Corrective brace.

For over two decades, the B/S-brace has been available as a tried-and tested therapy concept for the gentle treatment of ingrown toenails. Made of synthetic fibre glass, it is ground with the aid of computer technology to a thickness of exactly two thousandth of a millimetre. This material meets the high specific criteria for stability and elasticity, as well as being easy to use when applied by a chiropodist or podiatrist.

The B/S-brace is manufactured in six useful sizes and works according to the same principle as a leaf spring. This means that by applying the flat brace to a diseased ingrown and rolled up toenail, the brace¡¯s resetting force is transferred directly to the nail.

  B/S Spange

The physical law of pressure and counter pressure is crucial for the required nail correction and the resulting quick healing process. This works automatically when the B/S-brace is applied, especially as the tension of the brace can be reduced slightly as needed. With this method, the treated nail is gently and carefully lifted out of the nail fold.

The B/S-brace is an original, with all its basic as well as specific strong points. So it¡¯s great that you are interested in just this!

Surf through our pages. Discover lots of facts about what makes the B/S-braceso unique. For example, how easy it is to use, how it can be applied in just seconds and how well and comfortably it fits.


B/S-brace Interesting story.

Bernd Stolz began his career as a chiropodist at the age of 14, in his parents¡¯ company. A year later he learned how to use the Ross Fraser bilateral orthonyxie brace. Despite its success in therapy he soon concerned himself with its disadvantages. Following a partial resection of an ingrown nail it is not possible to use one of these corrective braces because the hooks of the wire brace have to be inserted under the nail fold at the edge. A further disadvantage of these hooks is the strong pain they cause, especially when the nail fold is inflamed. This is a very serious problem, particularly for diabetics who cannot define pain very clearly. And then he had a thought: ¡°It must be possible to apply a nail brace without using these hooks.¡± The idea was born; next it had to be executed technically. After going through all the possible scenarios it turned out that the most feasible solution would be to stick the brace to the nail. However, finding the right material proved very difficult. Experiments with metal braces did not lead to the desired effect. Nor did conventional plastic achieve the success he hoped for. Finally, Duroplast strengthened with fibre glass led to the breakthrough!


A patent for the B/S-brace was applied for all over Europe. 
By working as a chiropodist every day, Bernd Stolz was always confronted by his product and continued to think up improvements.

The H-shaped B/S-brace was launched.

He got his second patent with the launch of the B/S-brace Quick.

A third patent: for the development of the multi-applicator.

Development of the Classic brace with a magnetic point and the magnetic applicator. Patents applied for – magnetic point and magnetic applicator.

Launch of the Classic brace with magnetic point and magnetic applicator.


Improvements made over the years are mostly to do with the method of application of the B/S-brace. The basic principle is based on the same physical laws as that of a leaf spring, namely using pressure and counter pressure. This works in the most harmonious way for the nail and cannot be improved. The Classic, Quick and Classic with magnetic applicator systems all use the same B/S-brace. The only exceptions are the H-shaped brace (specially shaped ends) and the B/S-brace strong (harder.) For all B/S-braces, the force in relation to the size of the brace is adjusted exactly. The B/S-brace does not have to be pre-stressed or shaped. It is simply stuck across the nail which needs correcting. It fits the shape of the nail automatically and the resulting resetting forces shape and flatten the nail. Elementary physical laws work here.

Quality, precision and reliability are our chief production goals and are continuously controlled and documented. We manufacture the B/S-brace to an exact thickness of two thousandth of a millimetre. We control this specification with a magnet inductive process so that the handler can always rely on the B/S-brace having the same resetting force.

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