How the B/S-brace works                                                                      


                                                   How the B/S-brace works

The B/S-brace is made of Duroplast strengthened with glass fibre. It is stuck across the nail and works according to the physical law of pressure and counter pressure, like a leaf spring. The resulting elastic forces at the ends of the B/S-brace lift the side of the nail out of the nail fold. The induced counter pressure positions itself automatically in the right place which is at exactly the highest part of the nail. Basically it is subject to the
shape of the nail. And this is why the B/S -brace works perfectly. By sticking the whole of the B/S brace to the nail, the forces (traction and counter pressure) work extremely well, meaning they are spread across the whole nail as intended. Specifically: the most tensile force occurs at the ends of the B/S-brace (A). This lessens continuously up to the O-value of the line of force. Then the counter pressure on the nail is built up now and then, towards the centre, up to the highest point of the nail (B) (pics.13 and 14).

With the B/S-brace it is possible to use the unique and easy method of grinding it thinner at certainpoints,
mostly at the ends of the brace, thus adjusting the forces to obtain the best, pain-free correction of the nail. The B/S-brace follows a classic principle of physics: slight bending: slight force, strong bending : strong force.

For the record: the B/S-brace Classic is already known as a high quality product in over 40 countries. Combined with the magnetic applicator, further sales opportunities will arise. For a system which can currently be classified as the ne plus ultra of medicinal nail brace technology.

Treatment of a purulent ingrown nail

Result after eleven months with eight B/S-braces

Treatment by the colleague Mrs. Mercuri from Greece

Badly rolled up nail                               After twelve months with 13 B/S-braces


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